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The headquarters of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (CNHTC) is located in Jinan city, Shandong Province, P. R. China. It is the cradle and leading production base of the heavy-duty truck industry in China. It is famous for developing and manufacturing the first heavy duty truck — “HUANGHE” brand vehicle model JN150 in China, for successful introducing the “STEYR” heavy duty truck production project, and for setting up a joint venture with VOLVO to manufacture the heavy duty trucks with up-to-date international level. CNHTC was founded on the basis of Jinan Automobile Works (JAW).JAW was founded in 1935, and mainly manufactured spare parts of trucks. It started developed and manufactured heavy duty truck in 1956 and became a manufacturer of heavy-duty truck in China.


Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) was founded in 1943. Since then, XCMG has stood at the forefront of the Chinese construction machinery industry and developed into one of the domestic industry’s largest, most influential, and most competitive enterprise groups with the most complete product varieties and series.

XCMG is the 6th largest construction machinery company in the world. It is ranked 65th in the list of China’s Top 500 Companies, 44th in the list of China’s Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, and 4nd in the list of China’s Top 100 Machinery Manufacturers.


EVERDIGM began it’s business operation as the sales division of used construction equipment of Daewoo Heavy Industries. Then extended it’s business through the development of Attachment, Concreate Pump, Tower Crane, and began producing Fire Engines with the Accumulated knowledge from it’s broad product portfolio.

Since then, through our continuous efforts in research and development, we have successfully expanded our business in the mining industry with the Rock Drill. Furthermore, with our Generator Set and Rock Tool, we are moving towards completing the business portfolio in the construction machinery industry.

Coffee export

The story of coffee has its beginnings in Ethiopia, the original home of the coffee plant,which still grows wild in the forest of the highlands.While nobody is sure exactly how coffee was originally discovered as a beverage, it is believed that its cultivation and use began as early as the 9th century. Some authorities claim that it was cultivated in the Yemen earlier, around AD 575. The only thing that seems certain is that it originated in Ethiopia, from where it traveled to the Yemen about 600 years ago, and from Arabia it began its journey around the world.

Toyota Cars

Toyota Motor Corporation began in 1933 as a division of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. (later Toyota Industries Corporation, now a subsidiary), a Japanese manufacturer founded by Toyoda Sakichi. Its first production car, the Model AA sedan, was released in 1936. The following year the division was incorporated as the Toyota Motor Company, Ltd., an automotive spin-off headed by Toyoda Kiichiro, Sakichi’s son. Toyota subsequently established several related companies, including Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. (1941), and Toyota Auto Body, Ltd. (1945). However, faced with wrecked facilities and a chaotic economy in the aftermath of World War II, the company was forced to temporarily suspend its automotive production.

GEnuine spare parts

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